Insurance | Reinsurance

The definition of risk is fluid. Business are faced with natural disasters, economic calamity, pandemics, cyber and cloud related activity, and other related risks that impact local, regional, and global operations. Mix-in evolving legislative reform and regulations at these levels, and you quickly see business is under enormous pressure. But the flip side of that risk is often opportunity.

So, you need lawyers who know your business and know how to mitigate your exposure. Our team is here to you manage your own risk. We are litigators and dealmakers; trial lawyers and settlement professionals; advocates and advisors. Our experience spans across major industry segments, including property, casualty, health, and all other lines of business – insurance, reinsurance, captives, and self-insureds. Our experience has helped us learn the value of understanding not just insurance, but the business of insurance as well as the law and the regulations.

Still, our practice pays as much attention to preventing problems as to resolving them when they arise. We believe that our experience allows us to help insurance industry clients navigate any terrain they may need to traverse.