Litigation services

Litigation is a core practice area, and we are seasoned trial lawyers, not simply book lawyers.  Our attorneys prosecute and defend cases in federal and state trial and appellate courts.  Our team members are highly skilled and well-prepared to litigate cases, including sophisticated and complex matters.

We begin each case by developing and tailoring litigation strategies to a case’s specific facts. We then work with our clients to achieve a resolution that best addresses their particular business needs. In that vein, we work closely with our clients to develop case strategies, budgets and schedules, and use the latest litigation support technologies. This approach and strategy is employed through every step of the litigation process, from pretrial discovery through trial and appeals.

Our clients also often request our assistance in preemptively assessing and minimizing potential litigation risks. In this respect, we provide guidance on how best to reduce exposure in light of recent legal trends and other significant developments.