Professional liability

Increasing regulatory scrutiny and a barrage of litigation against lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other professionals stemming from a volatile business climate present a daunting challenge for any business. They require more independent decisions and better judgment than ever before. Compounding these challenges are courts and government agencies expansion of duties on the professional and business fiduciary. In this space we work with our clients navigating these issues. We have a rich history of consulting and litigating for the professional and a strong commitment of continuously expanding and improving into the future.

Our team counsels a wide range of professionals and businesses in areas including:

  • attorney and judicial professional responsibility and legal malpractice;
  • medical malpractice;
  • accountant liability;
  • insurance agent and broker errors and omissions litigation;
  • liability of business and financial planners and consultants
  • civil and criminal RICO exposure; and
  • insurance implications and risks associated with professional liability.