Practice happy

What’s it really like working here? Well, for starters, we think the work is only as good as the life that’s lived around it. Make no mistake: you will work hard. Get ready to dig in and learn from some very talented, interesting, intellectually curious, creative minds in the legal profession. We also encourage you to push your boundaries outside of the firm. Take risks. Give back. See the world. Raise a family. Run a marathon. Learn to speak a new language. Do what you need to do to come to work feeling energized, challenged, and glad you chose to be a lawyer.

Practice with purpose

You will meet clients to give them advice; not to sit and listen. You will go to court to argue; not to carry someone’s bags. You will attend depositions to examine witnesses; not to take others’ notes. You will compete with your adversaries; not your colleagues on our team.

Practice with values

We play to win! We play fair. We strive for perfection in our written work product. We respect each other. We value diversity. Teamwork rules. Substance, not appearances.