Supreme Court Rejects Affirmative Action at U.S. Colleges

The Supreme Court has struck down affirmative action in college admissions, declaring that race cannot be a factor in admissions decisions. The 6-3 ruling, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, overturns admissions plans at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. The decision is a major victory for conservative legal groups who have challenged affirmative action for years. Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in dissent that the decision “rolls back decades of precedent and momentous progress.” President Joe Biden said he “strongly disagrees” with the ruling and urged colleges not to let it “be the last word.”

Apple Vision Pro: What will the Judiciary’s future look like?

June 5th 2023 will be marked as the day everything changed. With the introduction of this wearable “spatial computer” augmented reality (AR) is being woven into our dialog much like ChatGPT made artificial intelligence (AI) a household term. AR has the potential to bring significant benefits to the court system. One major advantage is the […]

Attorney Cybersecurity Risk

Attorneys from solo practices to large firms generate, modify, collect, exchange, and store both practice information (client lists, escrow account information, etc.) as well as client confidential information using the online services of cloud-based vendors and accordingly are at high risk for cyber-attacks such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, business email compromise, and wire transfer […]


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