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Collaboration Powers Success

Complex Liability

For more than 20 years, FLG has been involved in complex litigation throughout Florida. We have litigated coverage cases for our insurance company clients and liability disputes on behalf of their insureds. Our experience spans several industries: personal lines, commercial lines, inland marine, marine and aviation, products, construction, asbestos, commercial and business disputes. We have also handled cases arising out of natural disasters (e.g., Hurricane Andrew, Irma, Katrina, Wilma, and more recently Ian) and a variety of mass torts including asbestos and plastic plumbing and resin related claims.

Professional Liability

Increasing regulatory scrutiny and a barrage of litigation against lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other professionals stemming from a volatile business climate, requires the skill of a qualified advocate and counselor to navigate.  We not only represent our clients in litigation, but also offer expert advice to help avoid litigation by identifying the real problem confronting our client, and then solve it.


Products Liability

With a keen focus on adeptly navigating present obstacles and minimizing future risks, we partner with clients to help realize their desired business objectives concerning product regulation and litigation torts. When disputes arise over products or premises liability, we use our product and industry expertise, along with aggressive and innovative legal strategies, to help clients quickly and efficiently identify and address the legal risks involved in product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sales.


Employment & Workplace Ops

The workplace is complex. We defend against discrimination and retaliation claims. We use our knowledge of employment law and experience as trial lawyers to help businesses succeed. We also recognize organizations must leverage ethics and compliance program performance, including building a culture of integrity and proactive risk management. This is no longer a “nice-to-have” option, but a business imperative. Businesses that do not incorporate these and related social and governance principles into their core strategy will lose out. We help businesses navigate the complex landscape of these arenas.

Legal Expertise for Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, navigating the complex world of contracts can be challenging. Our team specializes in providing tailored legal representation for athletes, offering personalized support in reviewing, analyzing, negotiating, and drafting contracts that align with your goals. We collaborate closely with your trusted advisors and provide meticulous contract analysis, fighting for you in court if disputes arise. With our expertise and dedication, you can confidently tackle the intricacies of professional sports contracts, secure in the knowledge that your interests are protected.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Insurers and reinsurers in Florida have faced significant challenges for more than a decade. These challenges include increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, rising claim costs, increasing liability verdicts, and changing consumer demands. FLG’s insurance and reinsurance lawyers can help insurers navigate this uncertain environment. We advise insurers and reinsurers on risk management, claims handling, extra-contractual liabilities, and client liability concerns. We also represent them in litigation arising from these and other matters.

Litigation & Trial

Our team specializes in guiding clients through litigation challenges while safeguarding their interests with intelligence. We believe that winning is defined by our clients’ desired outcomes. To achieve this, we begin with understanding our client’s business and goals, This allows to build strategies that effectively manage legal risks, anticipate obstacles, and navigate external forces.

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